Top Benefits of Adding Video Content to Your Website

Top Benefits of Adding Video Content to Your Website

You may have been hearing a lot of talk about the benefits of adding video content to your website. That chatter is happening for good reason. If you’re looking for a way that can help you stand out from your competition and boost your SEO ranking, video content is worth considering.

Video can showcase your personality

You’ve likely seen an “about us” page on more than a few websites, but in today’s fast-paced world, a growing number of consumers don’t want to take the time to read the text. Video content is an easy way for potential customers to get to know a service provider. It can showcase your personality, your creativity and it’s far more likely to emit an emotional response than a few paragraphs would.

Regardless as to whether you want to be funny, professional or sophisticated, video is a great way to introduce your company to your clients.

Social media shares are invaluable

Savvy internet marketers will tell you that social media is where it’s at. Regardless as to whether you’re posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, social media is an important tool when it comes to communicating with customers. When you set up a marketing campaign that incorporates video on your website and your social media accounts, it means your followers will be able to share the message with others. Social media shares are the modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising.

Circling back to SEO

In years past, a good SEO ranking was all about using the right keywords and having the proper keyword density, but today, getting (and maintaining) a good website ranking requires a lot more than that.

Search engines want to point people to websites that have established themselves as being an authority on a given topic— and video is a great way to do that. In fact, a recent research study found that a website that incorporates video content is 53 times more likely to rank higher than a website that only has text.

Read that sentence again.

It’s also worth mention that viewers are likely to spend a lot more time on a webpage that has a video—which again, can help your SEO rankings.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of adding video to your website, or you’d like to learn more about how to use videos to help with a social media marketing campaign, call WBN Marketing today.