Video Marketing on the Rise in 2018


Video Marketing on the Rise in 2018

If you’ve ever caught yourself Googling a recipe and then finding yourself knee-deep in cat videos 3 hours later, you’re not alone. Consumers love watching videos. The steady rise of Netflix and Amazon Video is proof of that. It also shows that people are now more than ever in love with watching other people.

So what does this mean for video marketers in 2018? What are the tools they need to be using?

Live video

Because large social media platforms like Facebook and Periscope started live streaming services, live video has become the norm. Statistics have shown that consumers spend three times longer watching live videos than pre-recorded videos, which gives marketers a huge opportunity to share their message. Marketers have the unique space to be able to welcome viewers into their offices while they work, sharing ideas and even showing consumers the product before it’s released. This generates conversation, excitement, and potential sales leads.

Virtual reality video

This is one of the newest trends in video marketing. It has massive potential to lead the way in the coming year because of its trendiness and new space in the tech field. Facebook has recently unveiled a new virtual reality headset that’s expected to ship this year, and digital marketing gurus are predicting it will completely change the landscape of social media. Get your foot in the door with this trend by being one of the first companies to use this groundbreaking marketing technique.

360 videos

The use of multi-directional cameras got its start in 2014, but only recently have marketers begun to fully understand the potential. Still, case studies conducted by Magnifyre and Google suggest that people engage more with 360-degree video as compared to standard video. Keep an eye on this trend to explode in 2018. It allows you to give your viewers a sense of immersive space, and the tech to create these videos is getting cheaper and cheaper. Your early investment in 360 videos could translate into massive earnings in the future.

Video funnels

In the same way that email campaigns can nurture someone once they have subscribed, you can use video funnels to drive audiences over time from awareness to consideration phases using several videos. Facebook and other platforms let you create custom audiences based on their behaviors, which allows you to re-target based on behaviors. Essentially, you’re carefully curating and cultivating an audience based on what they’ve already told you about themselves. The idea is to have them become carefully invested in your product simply because you know exactly what they want.