Want More Customers? Turn to Business Partnerships for Ft Myers Marketing

Want More Customers? Turn to Business Partnerships for Ft Myers Marketing

If you are into Ft Myers marketing for your business to generate more customers for your venture, you probably have checked off a lot of the most popular marketing methods, including advertising, social media marketing, and the like.

One form of marketing may have eluded you so far, though: partnership marketing.

What Is Partnership Marketing?

Partnership marketing is the practice of working with other businesses to cross-promote each other to their respective customer bases.

This is usually done with two businesses whose services or products complement each other – not compete with each other. The two businesses work to actively or passively promote each other to their customers, who are then more likely to visit the other business.

For example, let’s take a beauty salon. A beauty salon may work with a bridal salon to offer discounts to new brides. The bridal salon would then refer its new brides to the beauty salon.

Using Partnership Marketing for Your Business

Partnership marketing is powerful because referrals constitute the strongest form of marketing known to man.

Using the above example, a customer of the bridal salon who is looking for a place to have hair done for her bridal party will more than likely visit the partner beauty salon because it has been referred by a trusted source.

This effect multiplies if you offer discounts, coupons, or other deals. It’s sometimes not enough to just refer people; sometimes you need to throw in something to sweeten the deal, and discounts are great for that.

You can even create loyalty programs between multiple non-competing businesses. For every visit to one of these partner programs, the customer can earn rewards or discounts from the entire group.

Imagine what you could do if you were a beauty salon and you partnered with a bridal salon, a hair removal salon, a tanning salon, a massage parlor, a high-end clothing boutique, and a spa. The possibilities for cross-promotion are endless.

Going Digital for Your Next Campaign

The best thing about partnership marketing is that it can easily be digital, too. You can use social media to set up cross-promotions with partner organizations and use email marketing and blogs to offer discounts or deals in conjunction with your partners.

Consider partnership marketing for your next Ft Myers marketing campaign.