Yes, your clients aged 65+ are using the Internet and Social Media

Yes, your clients aged 65+ are using the Internet and Social Media

I get a lot of concern, especially with my real estate industry clients, who tell me that their target market (who are older) are not using the Internet or Social Media, so they see no reason to incorporate Social Media into their marketing strategy.

Not only is this dark age thinking, but it really is a HUGE misconception to think older folks are not using these tools because in fact they are. They are using Facebook to communicate with their families and see pics of the grandkids, they are on LinkedIn to keep in touch with former work colleagues and current professional contacts, and some are even twittering!

The proof is in the numbers.  A new study by Pew Research has found that more than half of U.S. adults over the age of 65 are online, from surfing the web to checking email.

The report, American Life Project, found that 53% of seniors use the Internet. Although this demographic is still less likely to go online than younger age groups, it shows that this segment of the population is flocking to the web more than ever before.

In total, about 82% of all online Americans over age 18 access the Internet each day, while some 70% of seniors say they go online every day, as well.  In addition, more seniors are accessing social networking sites. In fact, about 34% of Internet users age 65 and older use sites such as Facebook and Twitter — and 18% of this group do so each day.

This is a high number, especially considering 66% of all adult Internet users access social networking sites.

So, if your target market falls into these age groups, you may want to re-consider your position on utilizing social media in your marketing strategy.

If you don’t know where to start or need some guidance on how best to use social media platforms and internet marketing, just ask me!



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