Your Marketing Mix: Why eMail is Still Important

Your Marketing Mix: Why eMail is Still Important

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Why Email Is Still Important

You may have read lately that people are starting to doubt email – starting to suggest that recent social media advances have (gasp) replaced email.

They say that email isn’t effective anymore; people are too concerned about spam; they just screen their messages just like on an answering machine; people would rather use a collaborative platform or text or phone rather than send antiquated digital messages through a virtual inbox.

I disagree – I think email is still very important and should be a part of your marketing strategy, if it makes sense for you.

Why do I think this? For starters, 85% of people who use the internet use email. That’s pretty strong; about 62% use social media (41% of that is from Facebook).

There aren’t very many digital tools that allow you to reach 85% of the online population. There’s nothing I’ve seen to suggest that people will start moving away entirely from email.

Sure, it gets annoying getting spam, but email just gives you so much ability to reach virtually anyone and share with them messages that are customizable and limited only by you creativity.

So, to make email more effective, focus on delivering useful content to your readers, information that helps them. Coordinate your email marketing with your website and other outreach messages to ensure that the right people are getting the right messages.

Also, test your messages. Do an A/B test; this is where you take a message, create two different headlines or subject lines for it, and send each altered message to half of your user list.  Compare open rates and conversions from each group; that should tell you which subject line is better.

You can use email to great effect. Don’t give up on it; instead, learn to embrace it completely.

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