Top Reasons Your Website Needs Great Content

great content for websites

How Important is Content to a Website? If you look back to the early days of the Internet, websites were little more than the online equivalent of a Yellow Pages ad. In most cases, they consisted of a landing page with the company’s logo, contact info, and a quick blurb that talked about their products […]

What to know about digital marketing after a natural disaster

Many business owners throughout Southwest Florida are still trying to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, focusing on digital marketing after natural disaster. Numerous storefronts and offices experienced flooding, whereas others were destroyed entirely. And while marketing your business is likely the last thing that’s on your mind, there are numerous ways you can […]

What you need to know about your bounce rate

In some of our previous articles, we discussed several digital marketing terms that all small business owners should familiarize themselves with. In addition to terms such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and conversion rate, we also talked about something known as Bounce Rate Optimization. To recap, bounce rate refers to the number of […]